Purchasing a Bella mini Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle

Found one of our puppies that you would like to reserve or have additional questions for us? Please click the contact button and send us an email or just give a call or text.  We are happy to answer your questions.  

purchase steps

We will need a contact form from you.  That puts your information in our CRM program and you can ask me pricing about a specific puppy or I can see from your choices how to guide you to the right puppy.

Reserving a Puppy

Once you have settled on a puppy we typically take a deposit amount of $300 to reserve an available puppy.  We collect the balance at pickup.  We do take deposits for picking puppies at certain times of the year or for certain coat/color/sizes as well.  We notify our deposit holders first when we have a new litter of puppies and allow them to pick in order of deposit placement.  This is often done before a litter is made public.   We understand that sometimes life events can get in the way. Deposits are refundable up until you pick a particular puppy and then become transferrable to any unreserved puppy or later litter.  If for any reason the puppy of your choice develops a health issue, we will discuss that issue with you and give you options including a refund of your deposit.  We want you to be happy! 


What's included

We send our puppies home with age-appropriate vaccinations  which usually means two rounds of a Distemper/Parvo series. They are also micro-chipped, litter box trained, and each puppy has a baggie including a sample of food, a plush toy or blanket that smells like the littermates for comfort the first few nights away from home, and records/chip registration info. Our puppies will have been examined by a licensed vet.  Our vets are very thorough and will check bite, umbilical hernias, joints, eyes, ears and listen for heart murmurs.   We are qualified TruPanion breeders and send our puppies out with 30 days of free insurance coverage.  We also stand behind our puppies health with a two-year health guarantee and that is connected to a spay and neuter agreement.  We do offer breeding rights in certain situations but feel that spaying and neutering as well as pursuing a training program are in the best interest and health of our puppies.  We are also here for future questions and support!


Delivery options

We have sent puppies all over the United States.  We often use flight nannies to send a puppy safely inside the cabin to your closest air port.  We also use several different ground transport companies that are USDA certified.  We also often send our own pet nannies out with the puppy for deliveries, especially during the holidays.  So if you want to skip the drive, we can get the puppy to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are genetics terms that refer to which Filial generation the puppy is from.  So F1 means First Filial Generation and that means first cross of two pure bred lines.  In the case of Goldendoodles or Bernedoodles it means the puppy is 50% of each of the parent breeds.  “B” refers to a back cross to one of those parent breeds.  So an F1b is that 50/50 dog mated back to one of the parent breeds.  In the case of a goldendoodle that means 25% golden Retreiver and 75% poodle.  I will attach a handy chart that will explain the later generations.

Doodle Generation Chart

Hypoallergenic is a touchy word when it comes to doodles.  There really is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog.  People have different allergies and many people are allergic to Saliva…and all dogs have saliva.  However if a doodle inherits TWO copies of dominant furnishings (the gene they get from poodles in which only one copy will make them have fluffy faces and fluffy feet) they are as hypoallergenic as any poodle. There are other genes that play a role like MC5R the shed locus and curl.   However, the Furnishings locust supersedes these others in importance if you have dog allergies.  So if that is high on your list of importance then let me know and I can guide you as to which puppies might work best for you.  We have had great success with people with allergies and often will run some genetic test on a particular puppy to insure that success.  We have even traded out a puppy that just did not work for a particular person.  All is not known when it comes to the Canine genome and sometimes there are unexpanable interactions between genetic locust.  Hopefully more research will answer those questions for us in the future.   

When you are looking for pictures to describe what you want your puppy to look like in the future, it’s important to look at adult dogs.  Doodles become more and more curly as they mature.  Genetically a dog having one copy of curl will result in an adult coat with loose curls on most of the body with some areas being quite curly with straighter hair on the muzzle.  This is called a wavy coat. Two genetic copies of curl adds keratin to the hair and results in a tighter poodle like curl over the entire dog even the face, ears and tail.  They look pretty much like a poodle and this is a curly coat. A doodle with no genetic copy of curl looks really straight as a puppy but due to the furnishings gene will still have a loose curl as an adult.  This is not to be confused with a flat coat.  A flat coat means no furnishings and the dog will have short facial hair and likely not so fluffy feet. Click here to see images

We have grown to be a breeder with a large amount of dogs in our breeding program.  So we offer several size doodles.  It really depends on which parent set you are looking at.  With each litter posted we will list parent sizes and expected size.  Often we will have a past litter with the parents and we do follow up with buyers to see the final size of the puppies and we include that info in the litter description.

This really seems to be a personal choice that people have strong opinions about.  I think if you spay and neuter your puppy at the appropriate time (before they become sexually mature) that it really does not matter.  Any personality trait that a dog can have…I have seen in both genders.

Animal behavioralist do say that if you already have a dog that it is best to get the opposite gender.  However, we have seen that it really depends on your current dogs temperament.  If they do well meeting and playing with both genders, then it probably won’t matter. 

We pellet or litter box train our puppies.  We know that house training a young puppy is everyones biggest concern.  Puppies at the age of 8-12 weeks can not hold their bladder and bowel over night and often don’t put much thought into where they stop to potty while they are this young.  We have also learned that puppies develop texture preferences at a young age….the hardest to house train pups are raised in someones home and kept on carpets or fabrics.  So at a young age we condition our pups to go potty on compressed pine pellets. When they are kept in a confined area with the litter box they will potty as needed in it.  Of course you want to do regular crate training and taking the pup out when you are home and can be attentive.  And when you need a break, just put the pup back into its exercise pen or large crate with the pellet box. [Click here to see images]