Litter Box Training

We pellet or litter box train our puppies.  We know that house training a young puppy is everyones biggest concern.  Puppies at the age of 8-12 weeks can not hold their bladder and bowel over night and often don’t put much thought into where they stop to potty while they are this young.  We have also learned that puppies develop texture preferences at a young age….the hardest to house train pups are raised in someones home and kept on carpets or fabrics.  So at a young age we condition our pups to go potty on compressed pine pellets. When they are kept in a confined area with the litter box they will potty as needed in it.  Of course you want to do regular crate training and taking the pup out when you are home and can be attentive.  And when you need a break, just put the pup back into its exercise pen or large crate with the pellet box.