GOLDENDoodle Coat Types

When you are looking for pictures to describe what you want your puppy to look like in the future, it’s important to look at adult dogs.  Doodles become more and more curly as they mature.  Genetically a dog having one copy of curl will result in an adult coat with loose curls on most of the body with some areas being quite curly with straighter hair on the muzzle.  This is called a wavy coat. Two genetic copies of curl adds keratin to the hair and results in a tighter poodle like curl over the entire dog even the face, ears and tail.  They look pretty much like a poodle and this is a curly coat. A doodle with no genetic copy of curl looks really straight as a puppy but due to the furnishings gene will still have a loose curl as an adult.  This is not to be confused with a flat coat.  A flat coat means no furnishings and the dog will have short facial hair and likely not so fluffy feet.

Curly Coats

Wavy Curly-Coats

No Curl Coats