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All the Current Litters and Available Puppies

Bacote's F3 Mini Goldendoodle Puppies​

Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory

Bacote is the great grand-daughter of our original Golden Retreiver mom that we started our program with!  Another remarkable thing about her is that she is a rich dark brown at 4 years of age.  We have mated her with Wrigley our very handsome chocolate phantom merle goldendoodle boy.  The puppies will mature 20-28 pounds although we may have a couple of much smaller pups in the litter.  They were born June 2nd and will be 8 weeks July 28th.  We will have both wavy and curly coats. They will be ready for new homes after a July 31st vet exam.

Dutton's F1bb Mini Goldendoodle Pups

Dutton is a sweet tempered Cream colored mini goldendoodle girl that we kept in our program.  We own her father Rosco and she has his sweet disposition.  She has a nice high percentage of Golden Retriever(27.6%) but with perfect non-shedding genetics.  She has a wavy coat and is about 21 pounds although she is a tall girl for her weight.  The father of litter is our dark red mini poodle “Aubie”. He is a very nice poodle that is from Russian lines.  The puppies were born May 31st and they will be 8 weeks old July 26th and ready for new homes then.  We expect them to be 18-24 pounds but a good possibility that they will be smaller.  We may update that as they grow. 

Dutton's Babes

Puppies ready to go

Combination of litters

These are puppies from various litters that have had three sets of vaccination or more and are ready for new homes at any time.  They are working on basic obedience and crate training.  You can see their parents by clicking on the puppies picture and scrolling down past their own pictures.  Happy to answer any questions.

Marble's Golden-Mountain doodle Pups


This is a repeat litter with Marbles and Axel.  Their first litter are becoming beautiful adults.  They do become more of a silvery blue as they get their adult coats.  Marbles and Axel both have two dominant furnishings so that means the puppies all have non shedding coats and we know they are all wavy.  They will be gorgeous dogs and have the best qualities of both Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles.  Highly intelligent and loyal.  They will actually only have about 5% Bernese and are similar to an F1bb goldendoodle.  Born June 12th and ready close to August 7th on their 8 week birthday pending second set of vaccinations.

Maisey's F3 mini Goldendoodle Puppies

Chocolate Bars

Maisey is the mother of this litter and she is a 19 pound F1b mini goldendoodle with a wavy coat.  She is packed with personality and has done a great job showing our visitors her puppies.  The father is Axel he is an F1bb.  He’s also a guy with a big personality and very loving.  The puppies are F3 or multigenerational.  We have both wavy and curly coats and all chocolates.  They do have non shedding genetics with two dominant furnishings.  We have two available puppies.   Heath the  male puppy is tracking to be 25-28 pounds and Dove will be 18-22 pounds.

Lucy's Mini F3 Puppies


Lucy is a small 23 pound parti colored mini goldendoodle.  She has excellent non shedding coat genetics and a wavy coat.  The father of the litter is our very beautiful chocolate merle boy Wrigley.  He is a curly coated multigen goldendoodle making these puppies multigenerational or F3.  They will have non shedding genetics and should mature 20-25 pounds.  We will have Both wavy and curly coats.  They were born June 6th and will be ready for new homes after our vet appointment on July 31st.

Jasamine's F1bb Micro/Mini Goldendoodle Pups

greek Wizzards

Jasamine is a multigenerational mini goldendoodle thats about 25 pounds.  She has a wavy coat and actually carries high red intensity.  The father of the puppies is Jarad a dark chocolate parti mini poodle that is about 15 pounds.  He is a humble mild mannered easy to be around little guy.  The puppies will be around 20 pounds and we have some curly and some wavy pups.  They were born May 13th and are ready to go to new homes.

Pups Coming soon

younger litters

Looking for a particular color, gender, size or coat type?   If so reach out and ask me.  We do have younger litters or upcoming litters with a high probability of having what you are looking for.