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All the Current Litters and Available Puppies

Crystal's f1b Mini Goldendoodle Puppies​

Top Toys 2023 Litter

This is a litter of the most popular generation of mini goldendoodles and that is F1b.  Crystal is a first generation mini goldendoodle or f1 and her father was one of our mini poodle boys “Rosco”.  She is about 30 pounds and has a curly coat which is unusual for an F1 but that means that the entire litter will be curly.  The dad is our high red intensity mini poodle Zake.  They were born October 6th and will be ready for new homes after December 1st. Pictures posted soon.

Medium Goldendoodle Puppies

Back in the day we thought these were minis but we have learned that they will range in size and some maybe as large as 45 pounds.  Some of these boys maybe 25-30 but best to list them as medium.  Dad is our high intensity red mini poodle guy “Zake” and Mom is “Bailey”.  She is a first generation F1 Goldendoodle.  She has an amazing temperament and we have kept so many of her daughters in our program.  She is calm, sweet and attentive to her people. This litter was born September, 23rd and will be ready to go after our December 1st vet visit.

Lucy's mini Goldendoodle Puppies


We love variety and this litter has exactly that!  Lucy is a small girl thats about 22 pounds and is a multigen goldendoodle.  She has a wavy coat and so does the dad Duggy.  He is also a very small 17 pound multigen goldendoodle.  The breed percentage on these puppies would look about like an f1b.  They will be small doodles maturing 18-25 pounds and will have the non shedding genetics of both parents.  They will have silky soft coats as well.

Sophie's Micro-Mini Goldendoodle Pups

All Things White

These puppies will be seriously cute!  They will be little irresistible fluff balls.  They will mature as small as 8 pounds up to maybe 20.  Mom is a mini poodle that is about 12 pounds and dad is our small mini goldendoodle boy Pelé.  He has a super soft no curl but non shedding coat and is about 18 pounds.  The puppies are F1bb generation.

Pearl's F3 mini Goldendoodle Puppies

Fall Colors

Pearl is an F1b mini goldendoodle with a wavy coat.  She is about 26 pounds.   The father of her litter is Wisdom he is a multigen goldendoodle and about 19 pounds.  Both parents are past puppies that we chose to keep in our program because of their excellent temperament and coat genetics.  These puppies should be great dogs with non shedding coats.  They will mature  22-30 pounds.  They were born October 2nd and will be 8 weeks old November 27th.

Paris' Mini and Micro-mini F1bb Puppies

Black Friday

Paris is an F1b mini Goldendoodle with a wavy coat and is about 25 pounds.  She is an outgoing friendly girl with excellent coat genetics.  The father of the litter is our little dark red mini poodle guy “Zake”.  This is a beautifully marked litter and they are quite small.  They will mature in the teens up to low 20’s.  They were born October 2nd and will be 8 weeks old November 27th.

Coco's F3 Mini Goldedoodle pups and Jade's two F1b pups.

Coco has 7 beautiful f3 mini goldendoodle puppies born October 11th.  They will be 8 weeks old December 6th.  They will mature 20-25 pounds with some of the girls being smaller.  Both parents have great coats for allergy sufferers and so will this entire litter.  No genetics testing required.  

I have included Jade’s puppies here because they were born a day later and there is only two of them.  They will be a similar size and have wavy coats.  They are F1b mini goldendoodles.

WE do have litters that will be ready at Christmas

We have a litter of 9 beautiful mini Goldendoodles born October 26th and will be ready to go just before Christmas.  Glamour is the mom and she is an f1b that is only about 24 pounds and Wisdom is the very handsome F3 Dad.  The litter will have excellent coat genetics and a good choice for allergy sufferers.  They will mature 22-28 pounds.  Pictures coming soon.