The Litters


All the Current Litters and Available Puppies

Rosie's F3 micro Mini Goldendoodle Puppies​

We have had one little puppy with these two parents before and she is a tiny 10 pound adult now!  Rosie is about 17 pounds and dad is Duggy.   He is a small mini goldendoodle boy thats about 18 pounds.  The puppies were born April 2nd and will be 8 weeks old at the end of May.  We can have a range of coat textures but they will all have  non shedding genetics.  Both parents are beautiful goldendoodles and are absolute love bugs.  

f1b Mini Bernedoodle Pups

Mom is an F1 or first generation 50/50 Bernedoodle and dad is a Mini Poodle.  Our last litter with Tereasa matured 20-30 pounds, so they are a great size.  This will be the first litter with “Noble”.  He is a very handsome little poodle guy thats extremely friendly and out going.  He also has a completely clear genetics panel and perfect genetics to make Bernedoodles!  We will have both wavy and curly coats.  They were born March 7th and are 8 weeks old May 2nd.  We have their second round of shots scheduled for May 9th and they will be ready to go.

High Fashion

Bailey's medium Goldendoodle Puppies

Bailey is one of our all time favorite moms.  She is a calm good natured girl that is easy to be around.  She is an F1 or 50/50 first generation golden retriever/Poodle.  This is her last litter.  Her puppies will mature 28-40 pounds and will have both wavy and curly coats.  The father of the litter is our little mini poodle guy Uno.  The puppies were born April 2nd and will be ready for new homes at the end of May.

Laura 's Mini Goldendoodle Pups

We have one girl available from this litter.  She was reserved but her new mom had some health issues and could not pick her up.  Venus is a sweet girl and pretty calm for a puppy her age.  She has a curly coat and will mature pretty small…around 20 pounds.  She is actually a brindled black phantom.  Her brown legs have stripes on them which is pretty neat.

Lucy's F3 mini Goldendoodle Puppies

April 8th Solar eclipse

Lucy is one of the Daughters we kept from Bailey and she is such a sweet girl.  She is a red F1b with a wavy coat and weighs about 32 pounds.  The father of the litter is Pelé our 19 pound mini goldendoodle guy with my favorite coat type which is no curl.  These puppies will have either a wavy curly coat or no curl and will mature in the range of 20-30 pounds.  I have recently reached out to prior owners and learned that several puppies have matured below 20 pounds.  They were born February 18th and will be ready to go after their second vet exam on April 23rd.

Marlow's' Mini F3 Puppies


Marlow is a small red mini goldendoodle and is about 20 pounds.  Marlow is the daughter of Rue and Aubie.  She carries a rainbow of colors so this will be exciting litter.  The father of the litter is a first time dad.  He is a gorgeous chocolate phantom and also about 20 pounds.  The litter arrived February 28th and would be 8 weeks April 22nd.  Our litter theme is about our guardian moms first little human puppy of her own 😉

LadyNRed's F3 Mini Goldedoodles

Kentucky Derby

We were excited to see these puppies because this is a first litter for the dad “Wrigley” and they have not disappointed!  He is a gorgeous chocolate merle phantom mini goldendoodle and weighs about 20 pounds.  Lady has had some gorgeous puppies before and we have a rainbow of colors including blue and chocolate merles as well as partis.  Lady had her puppies March 10th and they will be ready for new homes after a second set of vaccinations on May 9th.

Pearl's F1bb mini goldendoodle Pups

Ted Lasso

Pearl is an F1b mini golden-doodle girl and is 26% golden retriever.  She has really had some gorgeous puppies and this litter is no exception.  The father of the litter is our high red intensity mini poodle boy “Zake”.   The color on the puppies did not disappoint!  Very pretty litter of F1bb mini goldendoodles with both wavy and curly coats but all will have non shedding genetics and mature 20-25 pounds.  They were born March 6th and will be ready for new homes after their vet appointment May 9th for a second round of vaccinations and exam.