Purchasing Agreement/ Health Guarantee

Our Commitment to you:

This puppy is sold in good faith with no known life-threatening health problems and has been examined by a licensed Vet. Internal and external parasites like giardia, coccidia, and intestinal worms are a normal occurrence in puppies and treatable. Because puppies can easily pick up these issues as well as viruses, we can only assure you that your puppy is up to date for age-appropriate vaccinations and de-wormings. We strongly urge you to continue a vaccination schedule and avoid areas of dog traffic with your puppy until it has full immunity which is after 16 weeks. The breeder has taken all reasonable care to ensure that all pups produced are as healthy as possible. Cancers, foreign body ingestion, behavioral issues, accidents, ear infections and UTI’s are considered normal occurrences and are not reasons to return the puppy. A puppy’s bite may change as the puppy develops and therefore is not covered.

We offer a 24-month guarantee from the puppy’s date of birth to the original owner for all life-altering genetic diseases. We will reimburse you up to 100% of the puppy purchase price. You do not have to return the puppy. Written documentation from your licensed veterinarian is required; also OFA & X-rays are needed to diagnose moderate to severe hereditary genetic Hip Dysplasia.

Your commitment to us:

The buyer agrees to continue the regular vaccination/health care schedule needed by the puppy. We strongly encourage you to pursue appropriate lifetime training and socialization. Appropriate training significantly contributes to the ultimate temperament and reliability of the dog. This puppy has been sold as a pet only. Breeding rights have not been given. Spaying/neutering your pet has been shown to be the most healthy option for your puppy. If it is discovered that this puppy has been used for breeding purposes, we have the right to take legal action. The legal cost will be the responsibility of the buyer.


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